We build tomorrow's answers

This is how we view innovation, by thinking today about the needs of tomorrow. And that's how we provide value to our clients.

Our services

Adapted technology

Competing as a TIER 1 supplier requires a heavy investment in robotics, specific developments in AI, automated production lines and customized digitization solutions.

The process is even more demanding when it involves key vehicle safety parts, such as wheels and other assemblies.

Digital and social transformation

The digital transformation requires a social transformation strategy.

Technology is important, but it is people who must make the most of the tools offered by this digital age.

Managing internal talent

We believe in the people who make up this company and we are committed to their continuity, so they stay involved and motivated throughout their career.

That's why we invest in their knowledge and development. Our engineering departments constantly strive for excellence, and not only are they willing to face new challenges, but they thrive in response. This is how we manage to provide reliable, innovative and practical ideas to help our clients save time and money.

Open mind

We foster relationships between our teams and partner companies

And we are open to listening to and investing in startups that contribute to our processes. We also interact frequently with universities and vocational training centers, such as the University of Navarre, the University of Deusto and Public University of Navarre (UPNA)

Innovation in value

Our ultimate goal is to innovate in value.

In other words, to provide value to our clients. We focus on delivering solutions that have a truly positive impact on their business.